Cloud Office is
Premier Google Cloud Partner

Becoming a Premier Google Cloud Partner is a remarkable achievement, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence. 

But what does this partnership mean for you? Allow us to illuminate the exciting possibilities:

Empower Your AWS Journey with Our Partnership

Eager to embark on a seamless AWS journey, but concerned about billing complexities?

Worry not! Our partnership offers you the ability to enable or transfer your AWS billing with Cloud Office, unlocking enhanced commercial or service offers to streamline your experience.

Not sure how to run a proof of concept or solve a technical roadblock?

Our technical team is at your disposal to handhold you during the process, starting from Vanilla landing zone to workloads migration.

Excited to initiate your AWS proof of concept expedition, yet concerned about the expenses?

Worry not! We've got you sorted. Gain access to substantial credits that will power your experimentation without imposing any financial strain.

Already an established AWS customer but troubled by increasing costs?

Utilize our FinOps proficiency and move forward, equipped with service discounts and extra credits. We're committed to guaranteeing your financial sustainability as you expand.

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Why choose our AWS partnership?

Billing Simplification: Say goodbye to billing complexities and gain the advantage of simplified billing with Cloud Office.
Enhanced Offers: Enjoy access to enhanced commercial or service offers designed to maximize the value of your AWS services.
Seamless Transition: Whether you're new to AWS or looking to optimize your existing setup, our partnership ensures a seamless transition and ongoing support.