Cloud Office Events

JumpCloud: Core Directory, MDM & ISO Compliance 

You'll get to understand a great solution for Active Directory modernization and device management

September 12, 2024  

Learn from Google Cloud Partners

Understanding Gemini for Google Workspace with Cloud Office

July 17, 2024  

Retail and E-commerce Summit 2024

Towards smarter, faster and more sustainable shopping

June 13, 2024  

How to Modernize Active Directory with JumpCloud

A Journey to IT Flexibility

June 11, 2024 

Masterclass: AI Adoption

How to Increase Efficiency, Enhance Performance and Improve Productivity

June 6, 2024  

Unlock the Power of Google Workspace

Security, Productivity and AI Integration

June 4, 2024 

Elevate your Business with Google for Startups and Gemini for Workspace

GenAI, Google for Starups Program

May 28, 2024 

Google Cloud Day Sofia

Empowering Innovation with Google Cloud

May 16, 2024  

Digitalk Conference 2024

Explore the next technology era

May 14, 2024  

EU Startup Summit 2024

Connect with Europe's startup elite

May 9-10, 2024  

Google Cloud AI Masterclass

Leverage Google Cloud AI functionalities for your business

May 1, 2024

Demo Day: Understanding Gemini

Exploring the Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence with Google's Gemini and more

April 25, 2024

Bulgarians in Tech

A networking event for London-based Bulgarians in the Tech industry

April 24, 2024  

Transform your Business with Google Workspace

Productivity & collaboration tools to aid the way we work

April 23, 2024  

Rare Founders Demo Day

SEO, SEM, Social, E-commerce & AI

April 22, 2024  

SERP Conf. International 2024

SEO, SEM, Social, E-commerce & AI

April 18-19, 2024  

Financial Summit 2024: Investment, Technology, Innovation

Navigate the future of finance amidst global challenges

March 26, 2024  

Masterclass: Marketing in the era of AI

Full-day on-site Workshop on how AI transforms the Marketing Industry

March 21, 2024  

Jumpcloud x Cloud Office: Bridging Innovation and Security

Uniting Cutting-Edge Technology with Unmatched Security

March 6, 2024  

Expert AI session - Google's Gemini and Beyond

Exploring the Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence with Google's Gemini and more

February 28, 2024  

Demo Day: Breakfast with Google Workspace

Unlocking Collaboration: A Morning of Insights and Innovations with Google Workspace

February 22, 2024  

Better TWOgether: A deeper dive

Join Cloud Office & Jumpcloud for episode 2 of our collaborative webinar series

February 21, 2024  

Cloud Office x Jumpcloud: Better Together

Join Cloud Office & Jumpcloud for  this insightful educational webinar to kick off 2024

January 18, 2024  

Business Breakfast at Equinix Data Center

Join Cloud Office for this insightful business breakfast just before the holidays

December 12, 2023  

DevFest Bulgaria 2023 - Cloud and Friends

A special edition hybrid conference organized by the dynamic trio of GDG Sofia, Cloud Office, and Campus X

November 25, 2023

Google Cloud for Fintech and Digital Natives

Navigating the future of Fintech with Google Cloud technologies

November 23, 2023  

Google Cloud Day Greece

Join us for this one day seminar to learn from Google Cloud experts, explore the latest cloud tools, and unfold new trends.

November 14, 2023  


Understand how data and Google Cloud are redefining the tourism landscape

November 11, 2023

AI Explained

1-day masterclass based on a modular approach exploring opportunities and benefits of adopting AI across industries.

November 7, 2023